SWEDU Winter Warm-up


Whether you’ve just signed up for Wellington Startup Weekend or maybe you are thinking about doing so – we’d love to see you at our warm-up event after work on Tuesday 12th August over at Bizdojo.

Find out how Startup Weekend works and meet some of the organising team who have been working hard to bring this amazing event to Wellington once again and who will be very happy to answer all your questions. As you know, this will be a special education themed Startup Weekend (SWEDU) and the first time we’ve run such an event in New Zealand. Anything could happen!

With an all-star mentor lineup, committed sponsors and a legacy of successful events globally, Startup Weekends are leading the charge in motivating, connecting and educating aspiring entrepreneurs. Come along, meet some potential team mates and hear all about what we’ve got planned for Startup Weekend Wellington and how you can bring your ideas to fruition.

Please be sure to register for Startup Weekend Warmup.