Calling Entrepreneurial Educators


Startup Weekend Education is here! We’re really excited to be connecting the power of Startup Weekend with the sector that’s developing the amazing young minds of future New Zealand.

Entrepreneurial learning is at the heart of everything we do at Startup Weekends, and the first NZ education themed Startup Weekend is primed for 29-31 August in Wellington.

Global education faces many challenges ranging from disparities in resourcing through to accessibility and delivery related issues. Startup Weekend Education (SWEDU) is all about solving these complex problems and will be the perfect place for entrepreneurs and educators to get together and experiment with their ideas in a supportive and structured way.

It’s not all about apps or software though. SWEDU is open to all sorts of creative ideas from new education business models to tools and platforms for innovating curriculum to all kinds of ventures that improve outcomes for teachers, pre-schoolers, students or any other key education group!

We expect to see some phenomenal ideas bubbling to the surface. SWEDU is rather like a chemistry lab both for education based social enterprises and for-profit ventures. Fueled by the intensity and power of the 54-hour Startup Weekend model, the potential for explosive education innovation out of this event is enormous.

Alongside amazingly motivated developers, designers and business minds, we need educators as well. If you are a teacher, academic or involved in the education system in some way, we’d love to have you along to this event. Early bird registration tickets for educators are still available, so don’t delay.

Shoot any questions to or check out the global FAQ to find out more.