Special Startup Weekend Event: Education – August 2014


You may recall that back in 2013 we ran a special social enterprise themed Startup Weekend here in Wellington. Now it’s time for another themed event, covering the very important subject of education.

Improving access to education through better tools and technologies is a hot button topic globally right now. As well as disruptive upstarts, a number of prominent education providers are going global with their online service offerings. So here’s an opportunity to find a cool team and get working on an app or a business idea that’s been smouldering in the back of your mind lately.

If you have a concept that taps into the education industry in some way, we’d love you to come along and pitch. Even if you are not quite sure how your idea might work in the education context, you should still show up. We have amazing mentors who can help refine your idea and give it wings (and you’ll have a lot of fun along the way).

Don’t miss out on early bird pricing. Register now for Wellington Startup Weekend 29-31 August, 2014.