wins Startup Weekend Wellington 1st place


Local startup, which provides a mobile and web application for guest-sourcing wedding photos, has won Startup Weekend Wellington.

Wedding parties are faced with two key issues on their big day:
1. Photographers can’t be everywhere at once
2. Some people can’t make the event solves these problems through a simple and innovation solution where guests download an app to their smartphones, take photos during the event and upload them to  These photos are instantly collated and available in a live stream.

Priced at $200 for a wedding event, the bride and groom can run a streaming slideshow of the photos at the wedding, and have a single site that has aggregates all the guests photos. will collect their prize booty, which includes:

The team comprised:

  • Owen Evans
  • Veronica Pitt
  • Nick Malcolm
  • Luke Brown
  • Jacob Creech

Congratulations to the team and all of the Startup Weekend participants!